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Saturday, 10 November 2018

TRC @ India Forest festival 3-4 Nov 2018


Tala, Raigad, Maharashtra

655 kms

03-Nov-2018 Saturday to 04-Nov-2018

 Destination briefing
Tala is a village located in Raigad district Maharashtra. Roha is famous place near to it. Forest hill is resort located on the top of hill, gives awesome view to lake and sceneries. 

 Famous for 
Lake, landscapes

Lead : Ravindra Parcha
Tail :   Kapil
Marshal : Kapil
Photographer :  Krunal, Kapil ,Ravindra Parcha
Voluntary Riders : Krunal, David, Govind, Nirajan
Bikes : Hornet, Gixxer, Unicorn 160,  Fazor, FZS

Hey guys, hope you are doing good. Article after a long time now, yeah... This time I am gonna make it short. We TRCians, this time decided to join one of the bike event - India Forest Festival, organized at Tala, Raigad, Maharashtra with collaboration with Forest hill resort. We usually avoid such events as we moreover focus on exploring places and long trips but this festival was in our destiny.

Let me share my experience about everything here. Roads are not in good shape. You might end riding more time than mentioned in google map. At some places, you might network connectivity issue. We took 4-5 hours to reach there.
Place is awesome. It was properly organized. Event location was on the top of the hill so you can imagine see all the possible near by areas from that location. You go there and see the beautiful lake which was mesmerizing. You will continue feel the air flow as its on height. Once we reached there, we did our registration and identified our tent. One tent was shared with two people. We freshened up and directly went for lunch as we all very hungry. Having lunch under the shade and viewing beautiful lakeside, great feeling. We did some rest and suddenly we thought lets do some offroading. We already identified the place. We kept going in the jungle area, roamed in the limited distance and also found it bit scary too. We clicked some beautiful photos there and then back.
Meanwhile event started, Bike stunts, tug of four, loudest bike, burn out, DJ with MH 43 band were the life of the whole festival. By the way let me tell you we won the title of tug of four and got free beers, monster energy drink. It was started by around 6:00 pm and continued till 11:00 pm. We enjoyed every event and listened some famous personality of India specially in bikers community. We had dinner at the end, did the some time pass, joke cracking and finally slept around 2:00 pm.
Few of us wanted to leave early including me. So we all divided in two groups and left as our convenience and reached to our nest safely.

Checkout some beautiful shots from the ride

Happy Riding !!! 😎

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