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Saturday, 9 September 2017

South India Part 1 Calling...



1645 kms (from Assembly Point)

8-Sep-2017 Friday Eve to 12-Sep-2017

 Destination briefing
Covered Maharashtra, Karnataka mostly coastal areas.

 Famous for 
Goa famous for beaches, cashew, beer, late night hard parties. Murdeshwar for Lord Shiva temple, Gokarna for temple, beaches(Om, God's own beach) .

Lead : Ravindra Parcha
Tail :   Vipul Singh
Marshal : NA
Photographer :Vipul Singh, Ravindra Parcha
Voluntary Riders : Vishnu
Bikes : FZS, Gixxer and Avenger 150.
Hey guys hope you are doing well, After a long time writing blog, was waiting for some mesmerizing trip. Finally day came after wait of 2.5 months. We started planning this long ride for almost 2-3 months back. Preparation included applying for leaves, getting prepared mentally and physically, keeping our bikes ready for the ride, medicines, bike documents and many more. Our wait, our preparation came to an end but not our excitement. Let us talk something about how we started our ride. 
   Day 1:- Since distance was too much to cover so we decided to leave on Friday after office rather than Saturday morning. By telling about our plan in our office in advance we get the chance to leave early. We decided to meet by 5:00 PM at McD kalamboli but because of heavy rain we were delayed by 1 hour. After meetup we left kalamboli and old Mumbai-Pune highway. Evening time as expected we got traffic but we have bikes.. bas aage wala tire gaya to pura bike aage nikal lete hai 😆. Somehow we managed to get out of the traffic. Sun was about to set it was time to move fast as after khopoli there is no street light and had to cover ghat too. Have you heard one saying?... jiski laathi uski bhais...Let me tell you how its get applied. Rider who was having strong fog lamps and better visibility than others was kept ahead as lead and others were following him hhahahaa. In a very good speed we crossed khandala-lonavala and reached Pune. We decided to stay in AC rooms during whole trip so that we can sleep without any problem. We booked room for Rs. 1500/-. We had dinner, discussed about the next day plan and went to slept.

  Day 2:- Next morning when I woke up, was thinking i am in my Mumbai home hahaha. Suddenly I realized that I am on trip and stayed in Pune overnight. In sometime we all were freshen up and came down to check out and there was no one on the counter. We asked the staff member where is the receptionist. He said.. sahab aaye nhi ab tak.... humne kaha.. ye room ka keys pakad humlog jaa rhe h . ..we gave him room keys and left by 7:15 AM.  We rode for almost 1 and 1/2 hour and took a first halt of the day for breakfast. In the morning climate is always pleasant and you can cover long distance quickly without taking much break. We did the same. We were riding continuously and taking small halts for just for clicks. During lunch we were quite confident, we can reach Goa by 7:30 PM so we booked the room in Goa using OYO app we got good discount. We paid Rs. 1245/- for room with AC for three of us including next day breakfast complimentary. Don't go for odd figure, booking was online. Journey started again and its time to cross the Amboli ghat. We all were excited to ride in ghat during monsoon and believe me Amboli ghat din't disappoint us. Cloud were floating in air and touching our faces. We opened up our wiser and were feeling that soft mild touch from nature same like my mother used to show her love to me in childhood, really cannot be explained in words. Amboli ghat took descent time to cover, coming down from ghat we reached to Sawantwadi. We rested there for sometime, we had tea, shared our experience and information for further road trip. We are done with our break, lt's ride again. We were then continously riding as we were late from our schedule. We reached to our hotel by 8:30 PM, one hour late from our schedule. We took bath, while other watching "Dance Plus" on television, discussing and cracking jokes. Now its time to go out, it was around 10:00 PM. We visited some of the nearby places. Now we are hungry. One of us had experience good food on Calangute beach. Generally people have candle light dinner with their girlfriend or wife but it was different in our case hahahaha.. I hope you got what I meant. We took almost 2 hours to finish our dinner and beers😛. After that we went to our hotel and got into deep sleep. 

   Day3: For day 3, we had plan to cover as much places we can in Goa and then leave for Murudeshwar, Karnataka. We started our day bit late. Late I mean 9:00 AM. We had breakfast in the hotel. We took our bike and started exploring places. We again went to Calangute beach. We covered Baga beach as well. Now beaches were boring us. Now its time to explore some fort. We headed towards Aguada fort. Fort was very nice, spread in large area. Landscape is really awesome there. It is situated on the edge of sea surface. We left from there and went to one of the unexplored place suggested by one of my friend 'Ámritansh'. We were also exploring local market and churches whatever was coming on our way. It was late in afternoon. We went back to hotel, wind up our luggage and left for Dauna Paula. We had lunch in near Dauna Paula and left for Murudeshwar in the evening. We were riding continuously in the night. By 12:00 AM in the night we reached Murudeshwar, booked hotel on the spot. Food counter was about to close so we rushed same like last moment assignment submission we used to do in college, we took bath, had dinner yet it was quite chilled in AC but atleast we have it. Now its time to sleep now.

  Day 4: We woke up by 7:00 AM in the morning, got freshen up. We walked for darshan. Murudeshwar is famous for Lord Shiva temple. Temple is simply glorious and mesmerizing. You will be amazed to see the beautiful architecture. It is located on the edge of sea coastal area. Beautiful Lord Shiva statue is 123 feet in height😃. There is a story behind the temple about Ravan. You can find more detailed information on internet. We relaxed there, prayed, praised the coastal area beauty. We had breakfast there only and went back to hotel and left for Gokarna. We visited Gokarna temple and Gokarna beach. Now journey started to come back to home. We took one short cut route pass through deep forest area. That forest stretch is almost 100 kilometers between Belgaum and Gokarna. Riding in the forest was great experience. Road was simply awesome. No path hole on the road. No human being on the road as well hahahaha. We were hesitating to stop anywhere. We were hearing some wild animals sound continuously and nervous too so were riding without taking any stop even after wanted to. We reached Belgaum in the night around 9:30 PM. We had dinner, divided our expenses among ourselves. Now there was a call among ourselves. Do we want to ride whole night or want to check in some hotel. We decided to ride whole night so that We can reach Mumbai early morning but things din't go as we planned. 

   Day 5: Late night around 12:30 AM, we faced first breakdown. My friend bike got punctured. We all three were connected via intercom so could talk to each other while riding. He said bhai bike pickup nhi le rhi... bike heavy ho gya h pichhe se. We stopped and check rear tire and our bad time started. Rear tire was punctured. We two slowed down and third friend went ahead to check for puncture shop. Luckily he got, we reached there and got it fixed, meanwhile I slept on highway service road for sometime. We started again but our bad time was following us. He again said.. bhai bike wapas prbm de rhi h.. bike jhatka de rhi h.. khich nhi rhi..I was like not again yaar, I want to reach home as early as possible It was around 1:30 AM in the night. We stopped on highway and what I saw, we were frightened. Engine oil burned up completely. This is never a good sign. Luckily I always carry liter of engine oil on long ride. We topped up the bike and started again. We were like  yaar is baar kuchh nhi hona chahiye..bas kaise to Mumbai pahoch jaaye. but our bad time was following us like shadow, not ready to leave us even in the dark. Bike again gave the same issue, he was feeling continuous jerks. This time issue was very serious. We stopped at Indian Oil petrol pump on highway. We asked for mechanic but he left and it was so obvious because it was 1:30 AM in the night. We tried to resolve the issue by ourselves, we even called local mechanic in Mumbai but nothing could save us. We were just left with one option that is just wait for morning and mechanic to come. We couldn't sleep because we have luggage with us. We parked our bike at near by hotel and relaxed on stairs. That wait was like one of the difficult wait of our lives. Subhah hi nhi ho rhi thi. We were talking and discussion, taking rest, looking at each other face and cracking jokes on each other. That's how we managed to spend time till morning. We were calling the mechanic continuously, he picked up the call at 6:00 AM and we all took deep breadth. We hadn't slept since last 25 hours. Finally our wait over. Mechanic came by 7:00 AM in the morning, resolved bike issue in 0.5 hour. Issue was with carburetor and we were not knowing how to solve that problem.We took sip of tea and 8:00 AM we left for Mumbai. We were riding continuously and whenever we were feeling sleepy, we were having Red bull, black coffee without sugar so that we don't get fall as sleep during ride. We crossed Pune and decieded to stop in Lonavala. We had some snacks there. Me and one of my friend bought chikki for our family. During back to home, we stopped at various location to take some drone shots which was captured amazingly. Finally we entered in Mumbai and we were about to reach home. Last some kilometers are always difficult to cover for everyone after such long ride. We were also facing same psychological problem. At last reached home, I was having dinner and I really couldn't have it because I was damn sleepy. My mother shouted and asked to go for sleep. I was like hummm.. haa..  and I went to sleep. I slept after 36 hours I had my dinner in the afternoon time next day hahaha. I slept for almost 14+ hours till next day.

Every ride is a lesson for a rider. Some key points I learned:- Self trust, how one should face unknown hurdles waiting to welcome you, never leave your team members in any situation, patience and believe in yourself. 

Happy Riding !!! 😎

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