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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Prepare yourself and your bike before ride

Prepare before ride
  1. Check you bike condition, Do the service if needed.
  2. Do the basic inspection of your bike like electric circuits, clutch wire, accelerator wire, indicators, lights, chain socket etc.
  3. Fuel up your tank, fill appropriate air pressure. Nitrogen is advisable for long rides specially for summer.
  4. Get ready with your helmet, gloves, riding jacket, shoes.
  5. Keep everything ready just before one day of ride, so that you can take waste no time before leaving.
  6. Update your family and loved one about the ride correctly.
  7. Share your riders friends mobile number with your family so that they can contact others in case you are not reachable.
  8. Arrange helmet for your pillion if in case, he/she does't have one.
  9. Always have at least default bike tool kit, comes with bike.
Key points for long ride
  1. Don't break the formation keep the coordination with lead and marshal.
  2. Good helmet with good quality wiser is recommended, will be helpful against light reflection in the night. You can have extra wiser specially for rides.
  3. If u have vision problem then During night avoid highly tinted visor.
  4. During night ride maintain safer distance with other riders.
  5. Jeans,shoes and gears(Jacket, gloves, shoes, helmet) are mandatory.
  6. Bike chain cleaner & lube.
  7. Fuel up tank, air pressure prior to the ride. For long rides, less air pressure than regular air pressure is recommended.
  8. Carry extra water bottles, face wash, hand wash, towel, clothes, undergarments, mobile charger (power bank recommended), head & face cover cloth under helmet ,slippers, camera, moisturiser cream, sun cream.
  9. Get a long/deep sleep before the ride to avoid falling as sleep during ride. 
  10. Have light meal.
  11. Carry energy bar.
  12. WHO ORS/Glucose 
  13. Carry medicines for common health issues like fever, vomiting, headache, body pain etc.
  14. Average speed would be 70-80 kms per hour. 
  15. No extra halts, Everybody need to be disciplined, have to follow the rules. 
  16. On an average, will take halt after every 80-120 kms. 
Last but never the least, prepare yourself mentally, physically. Control your speed before your comes to a stop. Be energetic, active and listen to group leader and rider spirit. 

Happy Riding !!! 😎

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