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Sunday, 5 March 2017

4th Anniversary Ride - Singapur-Malshej Ghat

Brief about the ride

Singapur-Malshej Ghat

~84.2 kms one side from Jupiter Hospital, Thane by Google Map

25/26-Feb-2017, Saturday from Jupiter Hospital, Thane

 Destination briefing
Malshej Ghat is a beautiful hill-station located at a height of 700 m above the sea level. The rejuvenating climate is one of the major reasons of attracting vacationers. The hill-station is a great getaway from Mumbai and Pune. Stayed at  Break The Routine resort

 Famous for 
One of the best place to visit in monsoon, curvy roads, hill views

Lead : Harmeet
Tail :   Kapil
Marshal : Ravi
Photographer : Aniket, Ravi
Voluntary Riders : Niranjan, Vishal, Govind, Akshar, Sabindu, Maneka, Swati, Kanchan
Bikes : Avenger 220, FZ-S, Activa, Fazer, Pulsar 220, RC 200

   Welcome back readers, hope you all are doing well. It is great pleasure to announce that our group cum family - 'TRC' has successfully completed 4 years. It was never easy but not impossible as well. Core team would like to thanks to all helpful hands, classy, joyful & lovable riders, pillion and advisers. TRC family includes riders from 20-32 years members but that never makes the difference in any way and that's remarkable. We missed other members who could not make out on this anniversary ride cause of personal problems and priorities (Vipul, Rahul, Saniya, Shivani, Meghan, Shreyas, Akhil, Akim, Amrit, Deepika, Aadik, Junaid, Nilesh, Sandeep, Vaijnath, Amit). Kindly don't mind if I missed out anyone's name.

Warm big thanks & congratulations to everyone who is/was part/not part of the TRC group and contributed to great success all these years. Hip hip hurray!!! πŸ‘Œ
   Let's talk about the ride, since it was our 4th anniversary ride, we planned a lot. We started preparation 1-2 months earlier for finalizing the place, activities, distribution for trophies, certificates, contribution collection for resort booking. Finally the day has come for executing our most exciting event of the year. It was 25th Feb 2017,Saturday, I woke up by 4:00 AM with my mobile peak alarm sound ⏰, half eye closed I hit the phone to keep it shut in sleepy mode but within a moment I realized the reason for setting up the alarm so early. I went out of my house and take a deep chilled fresh air breathe. I was feeling fresh after that. It's time to get ready for the ride 😎. Around 5:15 AM I called up Kapil multiple times to get him up from bed but he was on seventh sky, dint pick up my call, I called Harmeet to make an attempt to awake Kapil. Harmeet was about to leave late cause of some issue so any of the admin needs to be at the meeting point on time so I left my home early, on the way I got a call from Kapil that he is up now and will be leaving in 15 minutes from his home. I reached the assembly point on time. Slowly riders started gathering at the assembly point (Vishal, Govind, Akshar, Sabindu, Maneka, Swati, Kanchan, Kapil & Aniket). Harmeet was still bit late from the decided time, later he explained that a big rat went into his bike and it took long to take it out 🐹 and it was funny. I guess rat wanted to ride avenger, wanted to "FEELS LIKE GOD" πŸ˜‚. We greeted each other with big smile on the face and asking hows life going and all. By the time we were planning how full day plan will be executed, Aniket was clicking individual and group photos. We did small briefing about the ride and full day riding plan. Following to that we all lined up in the queue to leave the assembly point🏁.
   We started ride around 8:00 AM bit late but not a problem cause we had to ride only for ~85 kilometers. During initial kilometer, on a bridge Akshar lost the rider he was following and took wrong bridge turn. I noticed and gave him signal to come back on the decided route. Within a moment he also realized. He took 'U' turn. Me and Kapil were waiting for him to join us meanwhile asked the lead to go ahead. Akshar din't take much time to reach us as he was riding RC 200- Racing in DNA. We all three then left with good speed so that we can catch them. After riding 10-20 kilometers, we caught them. Without wasting more time and stopping we kept on riding on very slow pace and others joined us. 

  Riding in Malshej Ghat area is always a joyful experience, We were slowly heading towards our destination. We all were hungry and our breakfast halt Kamat was also coming close. We stopped there and placed the order (tea, coffee, alloo paratha, sandwich, boiled egg, bread pakoda) ☕🍴. After fueling up our tummy and cracking jokes by the time, we rev our engine and started our ride to resort at around 11:00 AM. It took almost 1 hour to reach to our destination - Break The Routine resort 🏑. Resort is in outskirts area, near by Singapur village so we had to do off roading for some kilometers and that was awesome experience only if we don't think about the tire 😳. 

   After reaching the spot, we parked our bike and mean time we were praising the mountain view resort has and it was jaw dropping . Everybody was curious to explore the resort and its amenities. Enter from the reception, you see swimming pool which was surprising and lovable. We booked three rooms - one for girls, 2 for boys. Within 1-2 hours after freshen up, we all gather in one of the room for trophies, certificates, medals distribution ceremony. We started with TRC formation history, current situation ,future plan of TRC group post to that we named every deserving riders/pillion and honored them. Members were surprised by the arrangement and planning for trophies, medal, certificates TRC core team did this time as we were doing this for the first time and excited as well. Everything went smoothly as planned but we missed one the core team member Niranjan, he planned to come late in the evening after office . After the event we went to the hall for lunch. 

   Now lunch is done, what will we be doing? it's time to digest the meal hahaha. Some went for playing indoor games(pool game, chess, carom, TT) 🏁, photo clicks and some wanted to hell out in swimming pool. In the start 2 to 3 members went into the swimming pool, others were standing out.. Nahi yaar.. gilla ho jaayega... baad main jaate h... but such strategy does not work well though and all were drawn into the water. Some were playing WWE, some were showing swimming skills, some were making human pyramid. Being tired after too much water and other activities, its time to take some rest. Some were resting in the room, some were watching Ind vs Australia test match and remaining were chit chatting. Suddenly someone knocked at the door and he was Niranjan, we all were happy to see him and keeping his words. 

   In the evening, all gather again for tea and snacks. We planned how night activities will be doing. As planned we wanted to arrange bonfire but resort manager was not aware about that so without troubling him much, we decided to go to jungle and collect the wood. It was totally dark in the night, no light nothing just bike headlight. We headed to jungle area near the resort. Akshar already spotted the place in the day time so he was leading us. By reaching the place in the night, we could see one dry dead tree and we started smashing it down. Since it was fully dark i.e. new moon πŸ‘», we all were afraid, there was strange feeling like someone is coming close to us 🐾 so we all were also shouting in panic voice and that was a good way to console ourselves as well 😼. We broke big branches from the tree and collected wooden pieces, loaded on Honda Activa and on other bikes, pillion sat in opposite direction and hold big branches pieces by the hand and dragged it to the resort. It was small adventures trip within kilometer but one of the most memorable, horrifying, adventures night out ride 😈.

   Watch has clocked now 10:30 PM in the night, we all again gather in hall for dinner. Just after dinner, we left for walk around the resort. Sky was very clear and beautiful, you can see the stars which is almost negligible by all of us in the metro city fast life as a result we usually missing beauty of the nature in our daily life. Bit cold fresh air giving soft touch to our faces, cricket noisy sound, horror stories, cracking jokes, all that was priceless moments we all were sharing and now missing. After taking night walk for almost 1 hour, we went in. We took out the cake from fridge that we brought with us - Thanks to Maneka for arranging cake🍰. Core team cut the cake, gifted a mug to Harmeet as his birthday gift printed his photo and TRC logo on it. We thanked to everyone and feed cake to each other. Now it's time for next activity, we set bonfire and all sat around it. One by one we were sharing our experience about group, bit of personal life, sharing some past beautiful moments. Time passed so fast that we din't realized and it was 3:00 AM in the morning but many of us were fully charged even then. They jumped into swimming pool and started enjoying. We were carrying Bluetooth speaker with us, all set for hard rock party songs. Good friends, energrtic music and swimming pool mixed up to give blast enjoyment and mind blowing experience to us. Me and Niranjan could not take more risk by being awake as we both had to leave early to home cause of some personal work. We went to room and slept for 2 hours πŸ’€ while party was still ON πŸ’£. We both woke up early in the morning next day - Sunday and left resort by 7:00 AM and I was shivering in the mountain area while riding as temperature was really down. We both were riding slowly and reached home by 11:30 AM after finishing our work. Other members left bit late around 11:00 AM and reached home by 3:00-4:00 PM. One more great riding experience with good friends company comes to end. May more anniversaries come to us this way only. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! 
Blog written & edited by Ravindra Parcha

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