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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Bike maitenance tips

Bike maintenance tips
  1.  Always do the cold start in the morning, leave the bike engine ON for 2-3 minutes at constant acceleration that will warm up the engine before any short/long ride.
  2. Apply the chock during cold start if applicable. If chock is not used for long time, it will get jammed and will impact fuel efficiency.
  3. On signal, keep the engine OFF, if bike is in still position.
  4. Always switch OFF the engine using engine ON/OFF button before setting OFF the key.
  5. Do not keep bike lights ON before starting the engine.
  6. Do not rev so hard before switching between gears. I switch between the gears during 2500-3500 RPM.
  7. Do not rev engine at its top speed frequently, occasionally it is fine.
  8. Check air pressure periodically, may be within a week.
  9. Less/High air pressure may lead to puncture and will reduce the tire life.
  10. For long ride, nitrogen air is preferable. Tire heats up by continuous riding due to which air expands in the tire, which result in increase in the air pressure from recommended tire pressure. Nitrogen keeps the tire cool and at constant pressure even on temperature variation.
  11. Clean and lube you bike chain. It will improve the chain life span. Within 500 kilometers cleaning and lubrication should be done. It may vary as per the product recommendation and climate change.
  12. Use semi synthetic for 150cc segment bike and for more power, synthetic engine oil should be used. There are many popular brands for engine oil like Motul,Shell etc.
  13. Do periodic inspection of different electronic and mechanical parts of the bike.
  14. Do the carbon cleaning of engine oil tank, carburetor and other parts periodically(around 5000-6000 kilometers).
  15. Do the carbon clearing of engine using engine flush periodically(around 5000-6000 kilometers).
  16. Check brake oil level, engine oil level.
  17. Give the rest to your bike after 150-200 kilometers in continuous riding.
  18. Do bike service on time. 
Hope you find it useful.

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