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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Malshej Ghat [Home Circuit of TRC]

18th December 2016......Winter Ride-2

There was a time when we use to ride to this destination twice a year.
After 2014 we haven't officially been there. Malshej Calling Malshej.
The destination which have curves and roads like Moto-GP's circuit, too Smooth & Flat for riding.
Chilled mornings, magnificent trail of trees and spectacular lakes. Yes it's Malshej Ghat.

Pre-Ride Briefing
TRC Stand
Had a great start as all riders came on time and we left within 15-20 minutes from Assembly Point.
Harmeet was so excited for this ride that he came 40 minutes early and started sipping Red Bull.
After few minutes I saw a guy with Hornet and he parked his bike few steps away from my Bluebird.
Then all Trippers started gathering, Ravi & Vipul gave him hug n handshakes. Hi Sankalp....
Hahahah oh my god!!! Harmeet thought that he is part of other club and waiting for his team.

Maximum Misal (Too Spicy)
Smooth Curves
We reached Murbad so early that most of the Dhaba's were closed. Winds were strong and chilled weather was increasing hunger.
Then we saw a group of 8-10 Triumph riders. Extreme machines wowwwww is perfect word to describe it.
We rode 5-10 km and tummy was losing patience. Around 8:10 AM we took our breakfast halt at Apna Dhaba.
A large group of kids and other travellers were fascinated when we parked our bikes.
Misal Pav was very spicy. Sign boards on toilets were hilarious ( ka poster jesa).
Akshar & Mahima left immediatley after breakfast as there was an emergency at home.
Sun was shining and temperature was increasing then we headed towards our 1st photoshoot halt alongwith few ongoing ride clicks.

Here We Go!!!

Fav Slope Lane
Sensational Route
Fortress View

Tunak Tunak Tun TUNNEL
Extreme Machines

Amazing clicks by Meghan, Ravi & Pranil (>Pranil<the youngest member in TRC family).
Pranil & Anuj took stunning pics & footages.

Around 11 AM, We reached to spectacular spot which we named "Mini Pangong Lake" hahahaha. Wide roads, Lake surrounded by mountains.
Photoshoot started.... Group Pic & Some of them tried unique poses.
Unseen Spot

Mini Pangong Lake (The Unseen)
Anuj "The Marine"

Then we moved onto our last but not least location which is everybody's favorite "Jogs Dam-Lake".
We spent maximum time here. Mark my word's "Whenever you visit Malshej ghat, don't forget to miss this place".


Can't afford to miss this. We had seen locals take their tractor 10-20 feet away in the lake.
Owaiz was happy to hear about this and he was the 1st one who took his Bullet into water. You must have heard about Burn-Out, this guy did a Splash-out.
It was like peacock is spreading wings. Then FZ, Inzuma, Avenger & Pulsar riders didn't hold themselves back.
It turned into Splash-Out competition. As predicted winner was Bullet Raja "Owaiz".

Splash-Out by Owaiz
Chillax in Lake
Tail of TRC (Kapil) trying Splash-Out.
Time to Roll
All were chilling, throwing jokes and pretty much relaxed.
Everything went in decent time frame. Then we decided to have light lunch at MTDC resort. 

Lunch @ MTDC Resort
Few Discussions took place on upcoming official rides and stickers. We left Malshej around 2 pm and decided to have Feedback session during Tea Halt at Murbad.
There were 3 New Riders David, Pranil & Swapnil. It was good to know about them and positive feedback from their end. We left around 3:30 am from Murbad and after reaching kalyan-Thane highway we decided to have a glass of goti soda (orange flavour).

The Last Stand (Goti Orange Soda)
Very refreshing stuff it was. Then it was time for good bye. Riders dispersed from their at sonic speed and reached home around 6-6:30pm. We had leisure time and everything went smoothly without any breakdown.

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