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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Ashoka Waterfall aka Vihigaon Waterfall

It was long time we were planning for Vihigaon waterfall which is also known as "Ashoka waterfall" and finally 21st Aug 2016 was the day we made it. It feels good hahaha :). Let's talk about the place first before getting into riding adventure.

Brief about the vihigaon waterfall

Vihigaon Waterfall Near Vihigaon, Kasara. It is also known as Ashoka waterfall. Vihigaon waterfall just 12 km from kasara. Vihigaon waterfall are located in deep forest.The waterfall is amazing . The place is an ideal spot for rappelling. A place must visit for waterfall and nature lovers.
The lush green grass carpets and small ponds here and there.The waterfall is also known for serving as a place for many shots of the film, Asoka, starring Shahrukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor.
Vihigaon is a basic adivasi village. There is no facility for food and accomodation. So carry some food or snacks. This place is so good that one can easily spend one day picnicking here.
If someone wants to go there by public transport then one can go by local train. Nearest station is Kasara or Igatpuri railway station.

Let's talk about ride

This time we wanted to visit the place in monsoon that we never been there before. We started shortlisting the places and our search end up on vihigaon waterfall. Photos available online are full of green layer of nature and huge waterfall and that was eye catching to us. Finally after so much planning and preparation, ride day came.

First assembly point for the riders to meet was Chembur just near to my place. I was very excited to hit the place as I am always eager to meet every corner of nature as I get chance. I woke up 3:00 AM in the morning not because I need more time to get ready but because I was not able to sleep as I was so excited :). I got ready by 5:00 AM for the ride and was about to leave  my place to be first at the first assembly point in the Chembur where other two riders were about to meet me. I left my home by 5:25 AM but before that my mother give me peaceful lesson to take care during ride. She is always worry when I go for ride, not because I ride rough ( I ride peacefully) but she is a MOTHER. I listen every word of her and ensured her will not do anything which she would not like ;) and left the home.
As I reach the first assembly point in chembur, within 5 minutes, another rider and good friend of mine Vipul Punetha reached the place. Following that as our lady rider reached, we left from chembur. It took 0.5 hour to reach  next and last assembly point Jupitar Hospital Thane where one of my friend Vipul Singh was already waiting for me who was riding with TRC for the first time. Within 0.5 hour  all other riders including new riders joined us to leave the place. We greeted each other as many of us were meeting after a long time and we are good friends too. It feels good to see cherish faces and cute smile of everyone's face(bolte hai na.. subah achhi ho to din achha jaata hai). Just after that core team members - Niranjan, Meghan and me briefed the rules and planning for the day followed by introduction of the new riders, at the same time clock shocked us it's 7:00 AM now i.e. time to start the ride.

Briefing and Introduction

More bikes to come...

Command given to all riders to line up in single lane formation as advised, as all lined up, winning whistle blown and we started the ride. During the ride, as planned

Lead - Niranjan 
Marshal - Vipul Punetha
Tail - Meghan and Me

Morning is always good to ride. Chilled air was refreshing our mind, emerging sun rays just after dawn warning our faces and shining our eyes and motivating us to reach the destination and green nature what to say about it, we all know how monsoon overwhelm the forest, rocks etc.  As we were heading to our destination, one of the rider cum pillion was catching moving moments while riding which were actually awesome than what I thought of.  After covering more than half of the way, we decided to take a halt for breakfast but the place we want to halt was actually few kilometers ahead of our destination route :P. Important point to note here is to reach vihigaon waterfall we need to take left in kasara ghat and our breakfast halt place comes after crossing ghat so there were extra kilometers we have to ride for our breakfast halt but surprisingly no one was having any problem in riding extra kilometers and then take a "U" turn to come back. Do you know why? ... any guess.... let me tell you....  it was "KASARA GHAT"... yes ghat was only the reason. Riders are always crazy to ride in ghats, there you get chance to lean and cornering. With limited freedom and speed  control, we allow riders to enjoy but with precaution. After reaching the breakfast place "Green Land" everyone was having cute and joyful wali smile.. reason I explained just above now. 

TRCians in motion

Catching moments after becoming pillion from rider.. :)

Awesome climate... Seems like hole in sky for heaven

Difficult work but we made it 

Rolling in ghat

Breakfast time  All members got fresh, place their orders(Chai, poha, dosa, sheera, idli  sambhar, mendu vada and more). Taste was really yummy. During breakfast everyone was sharing their personal experience of other explored places, personal discussion, cracking jokes and all. Just after the breakfast without wasting more time. We took the "U" turn and reach there very soon as we all were charged after breakfast.

Right click at right time... Perfect timing

Vihigaon waterfall is in the lap of nature seems like mini valley. First look to waterfall was simply open jaw with single word in synchronization that is wow... It was really awesome and so peaceful. It was looking like nature pouring down the water. Even after so much noise of water, I could feel the silence in the nature. It was feeling like bow down to the power and beauty of nature. Everyone was bit scared to go down as one have to go down by crossing small pieces of rocks to reach the waterfall, it was like riding in ladakh so I named it as walking in ladakh :P . I started going down bit late as I was busy in praising the nature, mean while I was trying to catch the moments in pictures.

Masti time - While going down, I heard someone shouting up there calling us. I looked back and I could see Kapil Vig but believing .. of course No. No one was expecting him on ride. I got a call from Kapil when we were almost going to touch Kasara that he will leaving his home and will be meeting us at the destination but no one was sure he will keep his words but actually he kept his words(manna padega boss!!!). As all reached to the waterfall, naughty child from everyone started coming out.  We all started jumping in the water, playing in water, throwing water on each other, shouting, clicking pictures, standing just below waterfall where water was slapping us hard more than our parents haha... Within few minutes, everyone's back was red hahaha as water is in force falling down. After enjoying few hours, it's time to say bye to waterfall,  As we were coming up from the valley, our leg muscles were like someone hit them so hard with stick, We really wasted so much of energy in the waterfall but all pain was worth enough.

Go down :( ... challenge accepted :)

Of course you don't want to miss it anyhow

Photo craze 
Cool dudes from TRC

body builder from TRC...LOL

ise kehete h masti... when people looking at you and you damn care 

Click from top
thande thande paani main nahana chahiye :)

Dahi Handi

one can enjoy without going into water as well hehehe

Now, mission is to reach home within the time,  we started the journey to our nests. All were tired and wet. We kept on rolling, enjoying the ghat again. Very soon, we all reach to our homes without taking any halt. It was great riding with everyone again. One more successful ride comes to end.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! 
Blog written & edited by Ravindra Parcha

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