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Thursday, 7 January 2016

TRC's Riding Rules

Riding Rules

Ride without any one of the TRC's core member will not be considered as official TRC ride.

A Day Before Ride
  1. Refuel & top-up air in your bikes a day before ride to avoid any delays or unwanted halts.
  2. Make sure your vehicle is serviced and in condition to complete the entire ride to avoid breakdowns.
  3. Arrange helmets for your pillions if, in case, they don't have one.
Assembly Point
  1. Once you reach the assembly point, please park your bikes in a decent manner. We are not local/chapri bikers!
  2. Please reach on time at the assembly point and coordinate with your nearby riders/pillions to avoid delaying further plans.
  3. At time of briefing please respect the speaker, don't interrupt in between. If you have any query please feel free to ask once the speaker concludes the briefing.
  4. Riding signals will be demonstrated once the plan of action is discussed.
  5. Role of lead, Tail & Marshals will be assigned by the Core Team.
  6. Any Rider or Pillion found without Helmet & Shoes have to walk away, If you don't have these two basic gears then please don't come.
Riding Formation
  1. We follow single lane formation. Marshals & Photographers don't fall under this rule.
  2. Headlights must be kept ON throughout the ride even during day time.
  3. Both riders & pillions are requested to wear helmet & shoes during the ride(all safety gears recommended).
  4. Maintain enough distance from the rider you are following so that marshals can cross through when required.
  5. It's a duty of each & every rider to follow and pass riding signals from lead to tail riders.
  6. Please maintain speed of 80 km/hr and adjust speeds as per distance between the front and back riders.
  7. No unnecessary overtaking between riders & time pass halts, strictly not allowed.
  8. Except for marshals and photographers, no one will overtake the lead rider or fall back after the tail rider.
  9. No rash riding or stunts allowed. Please don't be a hero.
  10. No consumption of alcohol allowed for one day rides. You can booze on night stay trips.
  1. Park your bikes in a decent manner.
  2. Do not litter the place and maintain cleanliness by using dustbins. In case dustbins are not available then wrap waste in plastic bags and keep them with you till you find one.
  3. Just compare pictures of randomly parked bikes with the ones in proper way.
  4. Decent parking not only helps for wonderful clicks but it also saves lot of time for maintaining lineup/formation.
Rules during ride
  1. Until marshal or tail does not give green signal, lead  will not start the ride, it is also applicable after every halt.
  2. No one will overtake the lead rider unless notified to do so.
  3. If any emergency halt(for example refueling) is needed then rider should inform the tail or marshal by coming out from the lane formation to make sure he is easily noticeable, doing so marshal will inform the lead to wait until rider(s) resume the ride. During that time tail will be with the rider who took emergency halt. That will help the core team to coordinate  and manage more easily and to be in synchronization without unnecessary communication gap.
  4. All riders should be geared up within 5-10 minutes for resuming the ride after every halt. More time taken by the riders after halts will delay the whole day schedule.
  5. All the riders have to come to the last assembly point, riders will not be allowed to join the ride  as per their convenience location.
  6.  During rush, riders may loose single lane formation but as road gets clear, all should come back in their original lane formation, so make sure you know whom you are following during the ride

Enrollment Criteria

  1. Bikes with engine capacity less than 150cc are not allowed with pillions. (For Long Rides)
  2. Riders who are part of other biking clubs are not allowed (applicable from Dec 2015).
  3. Scooties with engine capacity of more than 100cc are allowed ONLY for short rides as per the core team decision taken before each ride.
  4. Scooties with engine capacity less than 100cc are not allowed for any type of ride.
  5. New Rider have to meet core team on a week before ride.
Social Network
Rider/Pillion will be added to our Official WhatsApp & Facebook Groups only after his/her first ride with us and as per decision made by the core team.

Contact Us

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