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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Breakfast Ride to Malshej Ghat

Sunday, 27 Dec, 2015 (Winter Ride - 2)

It's always wonderful to explore new places and at the same time, the same place in a different season. Thinking in the same direction, our thought stuck to one place this time, that is "Malshej Ghat". This is also the place that we had visited in our first ride of TRC. Let’s become familiar with "Malshej Ghat" first.

Malshej Ghat is a mountain pass in the Western Ghats ranges in Pune district, Maharashtra, India. The site is nestled in the lofty rugged hills of the Western Ghats. Malshej ghat, with average height of 700 meters is situated in Pune district near the borders of Thane and Ahmednagar districts and the nearest railhead is Kalyan in Thane District near Mumbai. A nice view of valleys is one of the major attraction here. The view from behind the MTDC resort is a must see. It is also famous for dark woods and the animals which include tigers, leopards, rabbits and peacocks. I think you must be knowing by now what the place is all about. It won't be wrong if I say place is heaven for bike riders who love cornering in ghats. Now let's talk about the ride.

It was the second winter ride of 2015 from TRC. A breakfast ride before our big blasting one day ride to Lavasa. I would say this was just a warm up ride ;). Me, Niranjan, and Prathamesh were in this breakfast ride to Malshej Ghat. I woke up by 5:00am in the morning, took 1 hour to get ready with all my all gears (specially with my new elbow and knee guard that I bought just yesterday). At 6:00am I had a talked with Niranjan before leaving my house in Chembur.

We all three were excited to explore the place in chilled environment. I left my place by 6:30am and met Niranjan and Prathmesh at Kalyan near Birla college. We greeted each other with brotherhood feelings, I met Prathamesh personally for the first time. I could define him after the ride as fun loving and joyful person. Niranjan aka "Niru baba" was ready with Mumbaikar breakfast snacks - Vada Pav hahaha. We decided to have vada pav in hill area after reaching up in the ghats. Just after greet without wasting much time we started our journey. We could feel the chilled environment just after leaving Kalyan and we were loving the cold weather. While in motion, suddenly Prathamesh blew horn and signalled for refuelling.

We stopped at petrol pump in Murbad just near to Murbad bus depot. Locals were covered with warm clothes and I could understand the reason why. My fingers were shivering in cold hehehe. I took off my gloves and rubbed my palms meanwhile our energetic riders were done with refuelling. We started again with the ride, enjoying the chilled environment and at the same time sun shine warming us. As we moved ahead, we saw people were walking on the road in a queue – it was Sai Palkhi. Well, we noticed them and keep moving slowly. People were watching us riding and waving their hands and at that moment feeling comes like people love riding and also watching the riders going :).

After going up the ghats, we took a short break near Prem Sagar Gallery - newly created by Maharashtra Government. It looked beautiful and gave us a nice view to the valley and mountain ranges. We rested there a while and took beautiful scenery snaps and yes, we ate our favourite Vada Pav. Open sky, chilled air, beautiful and eye catching scenery, and Vada Pav in hand ... wow ... we were enjoying everything and cracking jokes ... overall awesome and wonderful moments. After leaving from there we reached MTDC resort. We ordered breakfast of Poha and kadak chai. We did some chitchat, talked about personal lives, discussed about new bikes, strategy about upcoming rides and enjoyed ambiance of MTDC resort. At 12:00pm, we decided to leave back to Mumbai. We saw a group of old age riders at the resort, full of energy, enjoying their old age and having fun. That inspire and left us with the thought to live a healthy, joyful life and follow our dreams. All three of us having sweet and respectful smile on our face for such ever young riders. Finally, we left the resort and started riding back to our homes. Within three hours we all were at our home, remembering the awesome moments that we had spent which will never come back but, those moments will always try to make future more beautiful than past.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!

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  1. Malshej Home Circuit of TRC, when we began as "Trippers"...It's also one my favorite Destination (coz of Dam, MTDC Resort & Ghats....Missed out in 2015...But I would like to Ride before Spring....Nice Clicks Guys

    1. Truly said.... Home circuit for TRC... Hope we are gonna lean soon in Malshej ghat again

  2. Lets ride soon. M back to Mumbai fully charged from my home town cnt miss out moments to ride.

    1. Yeah..... We have back to back two rides. One is in this month and another in next month i.e. anniversary ride.... Just be charged... Let's explore together :)