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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Ride To Igatpuri

22-November-2015......Winter Ride-1
It’s the excitement that never lets us sleep on night before the ride. In most of the rides it’s often seen that the total count reduces. (Riders back out and List gets shorter). This time we were working on believing “33 Bikes” OMG!!!, Just 3 riders didn’t make it.

Gathering & Flag off part in the morning is the sweetest moment that we always experience.  Everybody made it on time at Assembly Point Jupiter Hospital, (Thane), Couple of folks covered a huge distance just for this ride. One Rider “Amardeep” came all the way from Pune to Thane. Amrinder (Ninja) from Viraar escorted the Mira–Bhayander Riders. Bhiwandi by pass was our Briefing and Flagoff point. Breakdowns are unexpected, while coming to that point one of the rider’s tyre got punctured. He was coming along with 3 Riders. That consumed 30-40 mins, but it’s cool and gave chance others to charge themselves with Chaye-Sutta. Then we started with Briefing Session and commence the ride. FLAG OFF IS THE PERFECT WAY TO CAPTURE ALL THE BIKERS INFORMATION and greeting every rider without much delay. Meghan the official photographer of TRC & Murtaza of BAC club captured the footage.

Shreyas More the BIRTHDAY BOY, carrying 1kg cake for him was a real challenge; however I some how managed to carry the Cake till Assembly Point. (With placing it on my laps and holding it from one hand, that’s where cruisers play important role :) Later it was handed over to other biker’s pillion. BIRTHAY BOY(Shreyas) cut the cake and the one of cherry in the picture was shining on his nose in the next moment :)

Launch of our CLUB’S FLAG…It was really a proud moment to ride with a flag, feels like a KING. SAMPLE OF T-SHIRT was disclosed after the lunch. Printing Club’s customized T-shirt is the most awaited task. Hopefully we are expecting to get it done before next ride.


“IGATPURI” we have been there 2 years ago but now lot has changed. (Taste & Paths). Climate was pleasant, overcast weather. Breakfast at Kasara Ghat was followed by Cake Cutting ceremony. Misal-Pav lovers waited for minutes because Pav’s stock was not enough, for meanwhile Hot Poya satisfied our tummy's hunger. Then we proceeded to our first destination “Vaitarna Dam”. We were delighted to see new riders in Ghats specially teenagers who made their first ride with our club.

So far we were riding under shadow thanks to clouds, and then suddenly it turned into sunny day.  Vaitarna dam was located at the exact distance that we had covered till breakfast point. We were aware that there are few patches but didn’t expect too much Off Roading. Sun was directly on to our heads and we encountered a miss communication which led us 30 riders to another dam and 3-4 riders made it to Vaitarna Dam. (It was like 2 sides of same coin). Dam is same just it was falling on other end. We were running 1.30 hrs behind from our schedule. Biker’s with Low ground clearance were pissed off and they got busy in their hot topic of cornering & leaning.


Temperature was rising & we were sweating, Dam’s water gave us relief. Putting Feet under water & relaxing is commonly seen. Being bit late, we could manage to do short and beautiful nature & scenery photography. Just after that without much delay we headed towards our FINAL DESTINATION “Myanmar Gate”.

Finally we made it to flat and smooth highways, Scorching Sun was Sucking our throat and were completely drowned in sweat so we took tiny halt to charge ourselves- Nashta time ;), few riders were having vada-pav, tea and some solely attacked on water bottle. After quick refreshment, when I follow GPS Call ….Destination was 9.2kms away…Dramas started for last 200 meters, 2 Years back path was simple, don’t know why sign board’s are not placed on streets can’t believe locals were playing with us, idhar jao udhar jao…yaha se nasdik hai…hardly it was located at less than 1 minute distance and villagers pointed us to wrong direction. Half of the Riders took zip zap route and others still trusted on directions given by little kids.  Finally we reached to GATE OF NO GATE…..aisa laga NEPAL AGAYE :P.


Few Folks were Drowned in Sweat

AMD was excited about Butter Naan which was named as Transformers Naan…hahahaha…Dhaba owner said “Yeh konsa naan hai”, we told him “naan tri cone shape jesa tha” We showed him the pic and he said acha yeh…Butter Naan ese hi shape meh banta hai yaha”…..Order was placed we waited for more than 20 minutes…Tummy was telling Mummy Bhukh lagi hai Maggie toh banado”…..To distract everybody’s mind from hunger, we unleashed our Club’s Sample of T-Shirt, Efforts behind the scene were shared and Final Output is expected before next ride. T-shirt’s design is unique and best as compared to other biking clubs, it felt like mehnat safal ho gyi :). Lunch was served and it was followed by Introduction & Feedback Session. 

We were really overwhelmed with the feedback and it inspires us to go long way and explore new places in future.

Special Thanks :-
* BAC Mumbai (Amjad, AMD & Murtaza for Coordination) & Reshma for raising count beyond 30
*Enfield Bulls (Arif bhai for Tailing)
*Darshan & Karan (for Patrolling)

Pic Courtesy:-
Meghan Bhise & Rahul Patil

NEXT TIME FOUNDER & ADMIN OF TRC WILL BE LURKING LOT OF ENERGY, BECAUSE THIS TIME HE WAS AWAKE FROM 38 Hrs and Sore Throat was the only reason for sounding soft on everyone’s ear.

Upcoming Events:-
>>>Breakfast Ride on 20th December, 2015 & 1 Day Ride to Lavasa on Mid of January 2016<<<

Let's keep exploring nature and ourselves.

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Hope you like, Feedback is always welcome.

Thanks for reading
- TRC Core Team
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  1. Great time guys a memorable trip for the launch of the club's flag

    1. Stay tuned for more updates....Next Ride we will launch our Tees.

  2. Great ride guys keep up the tradition let's ride the next time with our tees

    1. Tees has become a dream and we will achieve it ...."A SUIT OF ARMOUR"

  3. Yup.. We have long way to go together...

  4. Superb... Will definitely join next time

    1. Thanks... Always welcome bro... Wll surely enjoy n happy to see you riding us...

    2. Yup...Bro u r most welcome....I know IBW's Chai-Pakoda ride was clashing.

  5. I wish to see team TRC grow more in numbers in the coming year such that it should beat all other biker groups in headcount and rides.

    1. Surely we will... With the support of you all... Thanks for kind words.

    2. Yes we will, we have to work on time management.

  6. gr8 work....ll try to join next time....waiting for next ride..

    1. Thanks Bro :)
      It will pleasure to see you again on the ride...

    2. Sure Mahesh, just be in touch via fb's fan page and broadcasts of whatsapp.

  7. Precisely written and formatted in good manner by Ravindra Parcha....Expecting the same count at Lavasa's ride in month of Jan.

  8. Let's keep riding nd nt brk d pace

    1. Thanks...
      Sure... will keep the same pace in the future and keep on improving and exploring :)